Infiniband-guest 1.5 drivers

Hi, I’m looking for the following drivers for OEL 6.5:


infiniband-diags-guest-1.5.13.MLNX* (this is the one I’m not able to find anywhere)

Both for x86_64

Is there any way to obtain those RPMs?

Thanks in advance.

Marc, thanks again for your reply (and for the drivers)

I will open a ticket with Oracle Support to check which is the required version for Oracle VM virtual servers



The required package version is not available for OEL 6.5.

The MOFED driver 2.1-1.0.0 was the first driver supported for OEL 6.5 and contains infiniband-diags* 1.6.2.

Which version of mofed did you install ?

What do you need a such version of theses specific packages ?

Waiting for your answers


Hi Leandro,

I attached the required RPMs, but by the way they are part of a package for OEL 6.1 not for 6.5.

It seems that the inbox drivers of 6.5 are the same.


Hi Marc,

sorry for the delay in my reply.

I did not install any MOFED version, I am installing an OEL 6.5 Oracle VM image, and by default it comes with Infiniband-diags and infiniband-diags-guest 1.5.13

When I updated to OEL6.9, by mistake I updated those drivers to version 1.6 too. I was supposed to exclude those packages from the upgrade procedure.

So, now I’m trying to downgrade 1.6 drivers to the version that was originally installed on my VMs.

Thanks again.