Infiniband NIC can not be ACTIVE on BlueFied2

Hi all,
I am experiencing the BlueField-2 device, and i am tring to configure it working as a common Infiniband NIC, but the device port status is always ’DOWN‘.

   Host OFED version:                      LINUX-5.4-
   BlueField-2  operation mode:    EMBEDDED_CPU
   openibd service status:               active

the cmd ibstat output:

port 1 connects to an IB switch by cable and the port status led in switch is ON, there is no cable for port 2.
Could someone help to figure out if I miss some configuration in my case?

Did you figure this out? Are you running an IB subnet manager somewhere? I think that getting LinkUp means the physical link is there, but the Down State usually means the card hasn’t been found by a subnet manager (which routes the network). Running the opensmd on a host or switch may fix this.

As a heads up, the subnet managers built into our switches have never been able to enumerate our BlueField-1 ARM endpoints (though they find the host just fine). The only way I can get the BF1 ARMs up on InfiniBand is to run the subnet manager on a host that has a BF1. Hopefully that’s fixed in BF2.