Infinite restarting after flashed Jetson Linux 6.0 production release

  1. When using HDMI-DP adapter, CBB error happened and causes reboot.
  • I can consistently see the CBB error before restarting, even though it works now.
    • It does not relate to the HDMI-DP adapter. I can see it on pure DP, too.
    • I uploaded an output on Can not enable Wayland on JP 6.0 GA - #2 by jasl9187 you can see the CBB error on my configured installation (on the NVMe) too
    • Although I see this in my working installation (when I reboot it), it seems no harm to my usage, it’s boring because I can see the serial console flood the CBB error outputs
  1. When pure DP cable in use, oem-config case will lead to system reboot (reason unknown).
  • No matter whether using pure DP or DP-HDMI adapter, it always reboots infinitely, and no GUI shows on the oem-config stage
  • I can see it can boot to Gnome Desktop, and no visible issue if skip oem-config (use the technique you taught me),

To summarize:

  • The CBB error is an issue but not critical.
  • Connect host PC with a USB 4 port can get usb usb2-port2: config error. but not critical, too
  • An unknown issue causes the oem-config to reboot infinitely.
    • This is the critical issue