Info about Jetson Xavier NX multi cam pipeline

Hi Moderator,

I am curious about multi cam pipeline mentioned in this blog.

Would it be possible to run this on a Pegasus board ? Would like to know what were camera resolutions and fps for the performance quoted (~ under 20% CPU utilization).


This is seem related with Drive platform, moving it into DRIVE forum.

Dear @ai.trucker,
If you are asking to run Jet multicam application directly on pegasus, It is not supported. Note that, Jetson and DRIVE have different releases of TRT and CUDA. Also, note that, There is no python TRT bindings available on DRIVE platform where as this project is based on python.

Thanks SivaRamaKrishanNV. Could you pls share the resolution and fps info ?

Dear @ai.trucker,
If your ask is about the demo, please check in Jetson forum. If you are asking about the supported camera modules please check DRIVE Ecosystem Hardware and Software Components | NVIDIA Developer