Information about ISP on jetson TK1?

Hi all,

According to the Nvidia provided TRM for the Jetson TK1, it contains…

But there is no proper info about it anywhere in the TRM other than in the overall block diagram. Why has the ISP unit been left out?

I also browsed through the kernel source code and found a driver for the ISP. Also while booting up I can see these messages which emanate from the driver.

[    1.283969] isp isp.0: initialized
[    1.284928] isp isp.1: initialized

I also noticed that the following device nodes were present.

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ ls /dev/nv*
/dev/nvhost-as-gpu      /dev/nvhost-dbg-gpu  /dev/nvhost-prof-gpu
/dev/nvhost-ctrl        /dev/nvhost-gpu      /dev/nvhost-tsec
/dev/nvhost-ctrl-gpu    /dev/nvhost-isp      /dev/nvhost-vic
/dev/nvhost-ctrl-isp    /dev/nvhost-isp.1    /dev/nvidiactl
/dev/nvhost-ctrl-isp.1  /dev/nvhost-msenc    /dev/nvmap

Of these, the nodes nvhost-ctrl-isp and nvhost-isp look intriguing, although it seems like only one ioctl is supported by the driver.

Is there any documentation available to understand :

  1. The ISP unit and its capabilities.
  2. How to access the ISP.
  3. What are the above mentioned device nodes used for?

These info would be very much helpful in understanding the full power of the TK1 SoC in the image processing front rather than just using its GPU for everything.

Any more information on this topic?


My project is to improve the image data received from the sensors.
So it has succeeded in obtaining a still image as written on the document

My next step is similar to you.
This is because the output of the sensor bayer-raw.

Have you ever progress is made ​​on that post?

We may wish to discuss.


Unfortunately no. We haven’t made any progress regarding the ISP of the Tegra K1. From what we understand, the ISP details are proprietary of nVidia and not accessible to everyone.

Hello,wo have met the similar problem as you.Have you ever progress is made on that post? Thank you!

Sorry, I replied to the wrong location.