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I am a beginner trying to use the Bluefield 2 SmartNICs available in the CloudLab. Let’s say I have a node that has Bluefield 2 SmartNIC , will the UDP stack be offloaded to the SmartNIC already without me having to do anything? Or Should I be offloading the UDP stack to the SmartNIC to perform some basic client server application where they communicate over UDP. I believe that this SmartNIC has RoCEv2 compatibility and hence I thought that since RoCEv2 runs on top of the UDP layer, the UDP stack must be offloaded to the NIC. Can you please direct me to some links or information on how I can do the UDP offloading to my SmartNIC if I have to? I have attached a screenshot of the hardware specs that my node at CloudLab has. It would be great if you can help me get started with this.

Hi subitshatlk2001,

Thanks for posting your inquiry to the NVIDIA Developer Forums.

In the Bluefield Platform documentation, the DPU Operation section provides an in-depth and comprehensive description of the different modes of operation.

In conjunction with this, the DOCA SDK documentation provides much more information surrounding available features and functionality, as well as documentation of example applications.

If you encounter issues with bringup, or any issues with running the example DOCA applications, our Enterprise support team is here to help. Assuming you have valid support entitlement, you can open a ticket with our Enterprise support team for assistance at:

NVIDIA Enterprise Experience

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