Information on IMU sensor bias computation

Hi, I would like to have some information on how the IMU sensor works in Isaac Sim.

I noticed that after a mobile platform is moved and then stopped, the IMU sensor introduce a bias in its measurements (in particular on the acceleration values), which is interesting since a real sensor also has this behavior. I would like to know how this bias is computed and if it’s possible to control its amount in some ways.
I did some tests and noticed that the amount of bias is not predictable.

The new filter width attribute seems to not influence it.

Hi @parmeggiani.alessio1 - Can you please confirm that you have gone through this documentation and implemented IMU sensors? IMU Sensor — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

Yes I have gone through the documentation.
I forgot to mention that the data of the IMU was read using the Read IMU node in Omnigraph and that I used ROS to send data and visualize them.