Information on Jetson Nano Module and Carrier Boards


I am looking to get some Jetson Nanos for production purposes.
Although Jetson developer kits do the purpose, I am looking to reduce the cost.

  1. So, from where I can procure Jetson Module and Carrier Boards at the best cost?

  2. As per the information on the Nvidia website given module is more expensive than developer kits. Here are the links

  1. Moreover, the module comes with 16Gb memory, would that be enough to install ubuntu, Deepstream, and all the necessary libraries?

  2. Lastly, at what temperatures a fan is required for the modules?

Thanks in advance!

Hi hardik1,

For 1 and 2, please contact with our distributor or region sales.

3, yes

4, that depends on your use cases to know what temperature is, then to design your thermal solution.

Hey @kayccc

Thanks for the quick response.

Can we use 4gb Module on 2gb’s carrier board?

Yes, it should work.

Hi Kaycc,
Then had a few questions assuming you meant that Jetson Module can work with 2GB Devkit baseboard:

  1. Why do we need expensive baseboards? Usually the Jetson Baseboards by 3rd party vendors are expensive to the tune of 100-300USD even though they have similar features
  2. What is the temperature range for components installed on the Baseboard? Asking this as the Jetson Nx and Jetson Nano modules come with 85DegC Temperature tolerance

Hi pranaynhbpn,

  1. You can design your own board for specific requirement.
  2. Please wait for those documents published after it’s on-shelf, but should be similar.