Initiating TX2 shutdown at a set minimum voltage

Hello, I am using a TX2 to build an autonomous RC car. I need to know if I can monitor the VDD_IN pin and set a minimum voltage to initiate a controlled shutdown when VDD_IN detects the minimum voltage.

If you need to know more, let me know.


This might need a customized circuit to monitor VDD_IN and so as to trigger power down process, hope somebody has experience on this.

I found a command that, when entered into the terminal, returns the value of VDD_IN in milivolts. Beyond that, I’ve found nothing besides the guides directly from Nvidia about the power, voltage, and current monitors. The reading returned from the command I put into the terminal was only .02 volts from what I read on my voltmeter, so a software solution would be wonderful! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

You can also read the value of VDD_IN by power monitor. Please check this doc:

I can’t for the life of me find the directories that are mentioned in this document that lead to the .dtsi file. From my NVIDIA directory, I don’t find the platform directory. Any advice on how to get to the .dtsi file?

Assuming R28.1, in the driver package “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory you will find “”. From there:

./ -u tegra-l4t-r28.1

It’ll be one of the subdirectories within that (e.g., “cd sources; find . -name ‘*.dtsi’”).

I did find, and ran that. However, I did not find the powermon file I’m looking for still. Still searching for a way to perform a controlled shutdown at approximately 9.4V at VDD_IN via software.