Injecting software-defined test patterns through VI

For camera driver testing, we would like to insert software defined test patterns through VI (or otherwise). One example could be a custom Bayer frame that we have collected or created manually in software. I found some information in the TRM under VI “Host1x Injection Path”, along with some register references VI_CSIMUX_INJECT_*.

Would that be an appropriate way to go about inserting Bayer frames into the pipeline for testing the camera pipeline with Bayer data that the sensor may produce? In a previous thread was described how to disable the NVCSI firewall – would that unlock these VI registers as well?

@ShaneCCC, @DaneLLL I wonder if you could offer some advice or pointers? Thank you

hello philipp12,

may I know what’s the actual use-case?
did you meant test the capture pipeline without physical camera sensor?
there’s VI test pattern generator (TPG), that kernel module should be built-in with default Jetpack release image.
you may insert it to linux kernel, for example, $ sudo insmod nvhost-vi-tpg-t19x.ko

TPG by default create 36 channels. you shall see video nodes, and you could initial v4l pipeline to access the stream for testing.
please have a try, thanks