Inline functions

I got in one of my c functions that function call are not allowed no accelerator region generated.

I had the option -Minline=func1,func2 in my compile script.

When I ran it I got the function that were being inlined had function calls themselves.

I then changed it to -Minline=func1,func2,levels:2 .

I thought this would inline to two levesl and take cae of the problem. It did not.and I still got the error. The function that are being inline themselves have function calls and that creates an issue.

The use of -Minline=func1,func2,levels:2 . does not solve it.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


By putting “func1,func2” only routines with then names “func1” or “func2” will be inlined. Either don’t explicitly name the functions to be inlined or add the second level routines to the list.

Also, are the second level routines in the same source file? If not, you will need to create an extract library or add the source that contains these routines to the compilation line.

  • Mat