Inline library automation in PVF

Hello. As of PVF 12.5 I don’t see any simple way to automate creation of inline library.
To generate inline library, i have to add -Mextract manually to the file cmd line, run compilation and then, remove -Mextract and compile again, because it will not link, without .obj file, that is omitted in extract mode.

Inlining is two phase, but VS IDE seem can’t handle this two phases automatically.

Is it so on newer versions of PVF?

Hi Senya,

I’ll double check, but I don’t think our tools engineer’s have done anything with regards to supporting the extract step since it’s an older method that has mostly been supplanted by IPA.

Are you able to use “-Mipa=inline”? This is roughly equivalent but the extract/inline phases are handled automatically at the compile and link steps.

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How can I configure IPA to force making certain functions inlined?

My solution configuration has one project for static library and one project for executable.
I’ve tried to use IPA inline in static library. Subroutine from one module has to inline subroutine from other module by my idea. Both modules are parts of static library. But IPA inlining makes its job on linkage, that is only performed after executable building. As I see during linkage, IPA only applies itself on modules from executable, but it absolutely ignores library.

Doesn’t it is supported to make inlining inside static library? If it is supported, what am I doing wrong?

The command line, that I feed to compiler (to certain source files of library only) and to executable linker is:
-Minfo=all,inline -Mipa=libinline,inline

My problem is still urgent.
Can someone help me please?

Hi Senya,

I have been investigating this issue and want to make sure that I am reproducing what you’re seeing. Do you see the following warning in the Output Window after you build your solution?

The following function(s) are called, but no IPA information is available:
Linking without IPA

In my sample the name of the function to be inlined is vadd; it will likely be different for you. If you’re seeing something other than that warning, then please post the text of the warnings or errors you’re seeing. Thanks.


Hi Senya,

There appears to be an issue with the way that IPA/inlining is working from the set up in PVF. I’ve opened TPR #19824 to track it. Unfortunately, right now I don’t have a workaround that can be used from within PVF. If in investigating this further we discover one, we will post it.

Thanks for bringing this situation to our attention.