Innova-2 Flex - ConnectX-5 Ethernet to FPGA Direct Communication

I would like to enable communication between the XCKU15P FPGA and the 25GbE interfaces on the Innova-2 Flex SmartNIC.

A team associated with Nvidia Networking has the FlexDriver Project which supposedly enables this.

However, it requires that I “acquire FlexDriver IP (src/flc.dcp) from NVIDIA Networking”. Is this available online?

Or, is there any online documentation for setting registers in the ConnectX-5 MT27808? The Innova-2 Documentation mentions you can use setpci -s 3c:08.0 0x70.w=0x50 to control the link between the ConnectX-5 PCIe switch and the FPGA. Is there a register to disable the ConnectX-5 to Host link and set the FPGA as the primary link?

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I want the same; i.e. to send/receive packets under the control of the FPGA, by creating custom logic in the fabric. How can one get this IP block?