Innova2_Flex image not loading

I have an Innova2 Flex Accelerator card plugged into an x86 Ubuntu system and I am trying to run the canned application downloaded from the Mellanox website (Innova2_Flex_Open_18_11.tar). I am following the instructions in the user manual “Innova-2TM Flex Open for Application Acceleration EN Adapter Card User Manual” v1.7

I have successfully installed Mellanox OFED and am trying to run the application included in the Open Bundle (as described in Section 7.1 and 7.2). However, I am not able to get the Flex image to run (i.e. I never get the output as shown in 7.2.1 b, c, or d). I keep getting the menu for the Factory image (as shown in 7.2.1 (a) even after installing the driver as described in step 3 of section 7.2.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall OFED and rerun the whole procedure a few times but still end up at the same point. Not sure what is going wrong – it seems like the driver is not getting installed for some reason.

Any help would be much appreciated.