Inorder to use cuda10.0 could we manully update to ubuntu18.04 from ubuntu16.04 base on jetpack3.2.1 L4T R28.2.1?

We have a self designed board, the kernel and dtb is based on jetpack3.2.1(l4t r28.2.1).Now we do not want to change the kernel and dtb. But our customer want to use CUDA 10.0, TensorRT5.1. Could we mannlly update the ubuntu16.04 to ubuntu18.04 and install the cuda 10.0, tensorrt5.1 wihout change the kernel and dtb?


Sorry that this is not workable.
There are lots of dependencies between driver, CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT.

The GPU driver of Jetson is integrated into the OS image. You will need the L4T-32.2 for TensorRT5.1.