Input format of Image Classification (TF2)

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Can you provide information regarding the input format of the newly released TF2 classification? Image Classification (TF2) — TAO Toolkit 4.0 documentation (

TAO is unable to generate a DS config file for the new TF classification task and there is currently no information regarding the input format available.

net-scale-factor, offsets, model-color-format, etc…

(When will the TAO sample apps be updated for 4.0? A sample DS config file would be greatly appreciated)



Please refer to Deploying to DeepStream for Classification TF1/TF2 — TAO Toolkit 4.0 documentation


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@Morganh what about for re-identification? It seems like a bit of a treasure hunt to find sample configs on the new TAO4.0 models ;)


We will consider the deepstream sample for re-identification model.

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Any updates on this?

Can you perhaps provide a brief description of the input format (net-scale-factor, offsets etc.) as well pre- and postprocessing guidelines?

Just a brief description would be helpful and we’ll figure out the rest ourselves!



@Fiona.Chen Can you check up on this? We would like to adopt the model in our pipelines but want to make sure that we feed the network with a correctly preprocessed input.


@IvensaMDH I think the parameters have been provided in the previous post.

For the sample application, we have take it into our roadmap.

My apologies for the confusion - I was looking for the parameters for the Re-Identification model: Re-Identification | NVIDIA NGC

Can you provide this as well?



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