input formats supported for CSI port of jetson tx1

we have a video decoder attached to the CSI port of NVIDIA jet-son tx1.our video decoder Does not support RAW-formats(RWA8,RAW10,RAW12). Our decoder support the following formats:-(RGB888,YUYV12,YVYU12,YUYV10,YVYU10,YUYV8,YVYU8,UYVY12,UYVY10,UYVY8,VYUY12,VYUY10,VYUY8)
We want to know that which plugin we have to use for capture video in above one of the formats using Gstreamer.
We have already check for NVArguscamerasrc and they are saying that it support only RAW10,RAW12 format as help us regarding that which plugin we have to use.
thank you.

hello bankesh.roy,

your topic description mention TX1 but you create this topic at TK1 category.
may I know which platform you’re using exactly? could you please also share which JetPack release you’re working on,