Inquiry about "Known Issues" : 1GB file size limit on individual USD files

Hello. @rthaker I apologize for tagging you again but this is a substantial issue, since our team is planning on simulating a mega-fulfillment center via Isaac Sim, and it would help a lot if we could get some feedback from the developers and Nvidia.

This post is regarding one of the “Known Issues” for Isaac Sim.

I had a 30MB sketchup file of a fullfillment center that I have exported to USD format using the sketchup connector.
It resulted in a USD file size that exceeds 1GB and I was unable to load the scene with Isaac Sim nor USD Composer (Create).

The desktop I use at work has the following specifications, which is well over the technical requirements for both Isaac Sim and USD Composer.

  • CPU: intel i9 13th Gen
  • RAM: 128
  • GPU: 4070TI

Regarding the size limit of USD files that can be loaded with Isaac Sim, it is stated that:

  1. Currently there is a 1 GB file size limit on individual USD files that can be loaded.

which had me wondering…

  1. Is the 1GB file size limit an inherent limitation for Isaac Sim? If so, are there any plans to improve the said limitation regarding maximum file size?
  2. If I had more resources(ex: CPU/GPU cluster), would I be able to load USD files that are larger than 1GB with Isaac Sim?
  3. Does the USD Composer(Create) also have a 1GB size limit for USD files that it can load? (Couldn’t find a "Known Issues/Limitations webpage for USD Composer)

Being able to load USD files larger than 1GB is crucial for our plans on simulating a mega-fulfillment center, since it is likely that the USD file will be well over the current size limit.
It would be grateful if you could provide any guidance on how to deal with USD files that are larger than 1GB.
Also it would be great to know if Nvidia has plans to improve on this issue!

Thank you in advance!

Hi @jaeyeun - That note about USD limit size will be removed from upcoming Isaac Sim release.

Thanks for the letting me know! looking forward to the new release.

It is updated in recently available release