Insert as sub-layer make things diappear in the original file(the inserted one)

The things in the .usd file disappear from view-port after i inserted it into another scene(.usd). and even i undo the step without other operation. I was under the impression that afrer i inserted one .usd into another one. the operation i did after should not effect the original file(that one had been inserted)–and i definitely didn’t delete them–and that’s the reason why i insert it at the first place. Am i misunderstanding this?
And even this operation was supposed to change the original inserted file, I really wish to be informed/warned in someway, So I would be able to prepare for the lost.

This issue seems to be related to this one: Doing operation with Xform doesn't have any effect on X-forms and objects under that X-form. Let’s continue the conversation there.

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