Inserting Capture Device between Camera and PX2 GMSL Interface

Currently we have an Nvidia PX2 system and are connecting it to a video camera (LI-AR231+MAX96705) that works fine. We would like to insert a recording device made by Xylon, the LogiRECORDER 3.0(LR30) which has a GMSL board with the MAX96706/705 pair. It will recieve the video stream from the camera, deserialize it with the MAX96706 make a copy of the data and then send it out via the MAX96705 to the PX2 system.

We are having issue in establishing communication with the PX2 and LogiRECORDER device over the GMSL link and are looking for support with the following:

  • How to pass video data to the PX2 without direct hardware access to an image sensor, either by spoofing it or an alternate solution
  • What configuration parameters are being used for setting up the camera (a leopard imaging AR0231 GMSL camera) such that the data recorder can initialize the camera in the same way

Dear bjsmyth,

Could you please refer to the following path in your Host/DrivePX DriveWorks doc for your topic?