Inserting SD-Card into the NX Dev kit:


Long time lurker, posting for the first time - asking for forgiveness in advance if I inadvertently violate any rules or ask a stupid question.

I got my NX dev kit yesterday: I was surprised at how hard it was for me to insert the sd card into its slot by hand. Using just my fingers, I was not able to insert the card - the way the carrier board was protruding made it impossible for me to position the sd-card correctly. I had to get help from a 10 year old child (with slimmer fingers :) ) to get the card inserted. That got me wondering - since this board is (probably) not designed for 10 year olds, is there a “right” way to insert the sd-card into the board? Was I not following correct instructions?

Will be grateful for any help / advice.

Yeah it’s a tight fit. :) I hold the card by the left and right edges with my thumb and forefinger to get it started then use my finger from the top to make it latch. All with the card pins facing up of course. A couple of times I thought I had it latched only to have it shoot out across the table. The cats enjoy that.

Thanks! Holding by the edges w/ thumb/forefinger to fit the card in worked for me. Great advice!

If you just remove the SODIMM module, it’s way easier to install the SD Card.

As long as you’re not trying it with the power on :) but yeah. If the devkit isn’t moving around a lot you could leave the two retainer screws off the module to make it easier to quickly flip the module up.

Thanks! That would be my approach if @gtj’s approach didnt work. So far, no sd-card projectiles departed for the ISS from my work table, so all good I think :)


I prefer not to pull the sd-card with the power on :)

The devkit is balanced precariously on top of the box it shipped in: i dont move it much. However, since your approach worked, principle of inertia mandates that I be lazy and do nothing until my fingers get fatter :)

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