Inserting SIM card in Nvidia jetson AGX orin development board

I want to insert SIM card in Nvidia jetson AGX orin processor development board. How can I insert SIM card to the processor. Can you clarify this?

This is not baseband processor, not able to get any function with SIM card.

Then how can I get internet in non-wifi areas. If I insert SIM card, I can get access to the internet. Some development companies like Advantech provides SIM card slot in their NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin development board. But in your own development board, there is no slot for SIM card. Can you clarify this?

There is no baseband design on Jetson AGX Orin devkit, not possible to do that. You may try with USB modem dongle.

SIM card slot? Which one?

Many of the third party development boards have SIM card slots like Advantech, Aetina, Connecttech and so on. You can see in their datasheets.

Ok I will try with external USB cellular modem for inserting SIM card.

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