Inside Unreal: DLSS and RTXGI with NVIDIA

Hi everyone,
I ended up here. Sent from NVIDIA Live Chat.
Would be someone so nice to guide me where can I read about getting access to DLSS?
DLSS for Unreal Engine 4. I’ve compiled a branch with DLSS but it requires "NGX Application ID, provided by NVIDIA"
Here is a Membership required. Even when my account is approved for developer program.
On github there is only information “Installation Steps 1. Reach out to your Nvidia contact and get an AppId (also known as a CMSID) for your app. You will need this ID number in order to get DLSS working for your game. Without a CMSID set in the Project Settings of your game, DLSS will not work.”

But even Live Chat couldn’t answer on that. Please help.

Hi @marek.obajtek,

It looks like the page was pointing to an old form that was out of commission.
The page has been redirected and is now working. Please review the license agreement and submit.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any issues.


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I have to fill out the application survey and I don’t receive a unique Application ID for UE4. Can you help me, please?

i think the dlss already enabled in the driver. you just need change the appid from 0 to 1 to enable it.

I applied for the NVIDIA RTXGI SDK. Two weeks have passed, and it keeps showing Approval pending…, please help, Thank you.


I have installed the DLSS plugin in ue4.26 together with Flavien Picon from Epic. The Plugin is loaded and all of this is functional but a have watermark inside the editor. What is the solution? I work for Airbus and I have projects with confidentiality. Can I use this plugin without a watermark?

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For that I believe you need talk with Nvidia to get a release build.
The current DLSS is only for internal test.