Inspecting the layout of frame buffer attachments

This is for Vulkan API.

In Nsight, is there a way to see the layouts for framebuffer attachments?

My usecase:

In my app, I use a renderpass with 2 subpasses. I’m getting validation errors related to image layouts. The renderpass has 5 attachments: 1 swapchain image, 3 color attachtments, and 1 depth. In the first subpass, the 3 colors are added as color attachments; on the second subpass, they are used as input attachments.

Is seems like the attachments are not transitioning to vk::ImageLayout::eShaderReadOnlyOptimal in the second subpass, and that’s what I’m trying to debug.

Validation errors:

The problem was that I was using 1 descriptor-set for all 3 frames of my triple buffer setup, whereas I should have been using 1 descriptor-set per frame.

Also, from what I can tell, Nsight does not yet support looking at image layouts. However, RenderDoc does support this.

Thanks for using Nsight Graphics and submitting a question. Are you past your issues now with Nsight Graphics now that you are using 1 descriptor-set per frame?

Hi dwoods,
Yes, I don’t have the issue anymore. I was able to use RenderDoc to validate the attachment layouts.