Instalation experiance

Here is my little rant about installing cuda on my debian machine, so take this with grain of salt.

First I got this pc few days ago and wanted to run some cudnn software for cool project I found online, I downloded this run tool, because cuda is unfortunately not officialy supported on Debian.
Fine. Installation manuals from has md5sum. Well good luck, my binary is missing on that list I run md5 8303cdf46904e6dea8d5d641b0b46f0d. Lets hope that it does not have trojan.

Now CLI user interface is kind a vague. For example there is this question where can I select whenever I want to run as sudo or not, but command is supposed to be obsolete. It turns out that you need to select yes.

Also one can not install driver without killing xserver even-tough i did not want to run nvidia for other stuff than for offloading computation and did not change xinit script.

There is nice error puzzle as an ester egg. It goes. Error: unsupported compiler: 8.2.0. Use --override to override this check. It turns out that calling with --override does not solve an issue, because code I was trying to compile had bunch of #errors to check against this number. You still need to figure out what compiler it requires. (it turns out it is gcc).

There is flag -silent (or is it --silent) for installing driver without going trough CLI. I would expected that it does to return text on stdout and that exit code 0 would indicate successful driver installation. Neither of this is true.

Installing other driver version gives vague error when running compiled example. CUDA error at …/…/common/inc/helper_cuda.h:1147 code=35(cudaErrorInsufficientDriver) “cudaGetDeviceCount(&device_count)”
This error is same when driver is not installed.

Finally I after few hours I was lucky to test my cudnn code and it worked.

Unfortunately installing graphics driver broke my sound card. I did reinstall alsa, but did not help. Once I removed nvidia graphics driver and toolkit audio is working fine. I am now waiting for some feedback If i should reinstall driver or use audio. Currently I prefer audio.