Install 2080TI on CentOS 7

I was hoping to plug and play.
Installed the 2080TI next to my 1070 and now it hangs at boot.
I can get to a non-gui login by pressing alt-ctrl-F2

Should I simply install the latest GeForce driver? or update to the latest Cuda?

Is there any ‘craziness’ I have to do to update (dracut kinda thing?) to make it work?

Should it work if I remove the 1070?



You need a v410 driver for the rtx.
If that’s installed already, the desktop is probably on the other card now, connect a monitor and reboot to see.

I installed Cuda 10 from the .run download.
says it installed the 410 driver during the process.

boot still hangs after “Started GNOME Display Manager”


Now what?


I was running cuda 9 btw.
Couldn’t find any instructions specific to just upgrading to 10.
I skipped to the “run” specific instructions and then added the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH as per the post-install instructions.

Did some of the other libraries change?
Should I install just 410 driver?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (87.7 KB)

Please run as root and attach the resulting .gz file to your post. Hovering the mouse over an existing post of yours will reveal a paperclip icon.

thanks for you help, btw!

I did the paper clip on the previous post, not sure if it worked.


The kernel module is still the old one, you’ll need to rebuild the initrd using
dracut -f

thank you!!!
I appear to be up and running!!!

My Linux skills are very limited. But I moved off of Windows years ago and have been on Linux as my main workstation for about 3 years now.


You should rather use driver packages for your system like rpmfusion so it gets updated along with the system, the .run installers are meant for experienced users with special use cases.

Doesn’t seem like was an option when I first installed the driver some years back.
I’ll look into, though.

So, in my attempt to configure the multi-monitor setup from the Nvidia-Settings window, I seem to have done something that make my mouse only appear over black, before the login screen shows up.

I booted to runlevel 3 and sudo cp the backup over the config (in etc/X11)

no dice.

if I alt-ctrl-F2 it says "A start job is running for Wait for…en to Quit (4 min/nolimit)


well, it appears to be directly a result of enabling Xinerama

So I disabled that and it’s back up.

However, I can’t actually drag things from one monitor onto the other. Thought maybe that was something the xinerama would control.

Is this because I’m running the monitors on separate cards?
or is it just a behavior KDE is suddenly implementing?


With two gpus, you get two different screens. You can move the mouse between them, but nothing else. You can start applications on them using e.g.
DISPLAY=:0.0 glxgears
DISPLAY=:0.1 glxgears
or in case of gnome
DISPLAY=:1.0 glxgears
DISPLAY=:1.1 glxgears

Yes, Xinerama merges those different screens into one logical screen. But you’re losing gl hw accel and compositing that way so only simple window managers will work.

Hey, I had this exact problem and was able to solve it simply by switching from GDM to LightDM, no further Linux surgery required. Just followed the top answer here: