Install a backup on Jetson TX1

Hi everyone!

I want to install a backup on a new Jetson TX1, but the pc where I did the first Jetpack installation was crashed, nevertheless I have the .img file.

I tried to install again the Jetpack L4T in another PC with ubuntu 14.04, but I canceled the process on the step of install the software on the Jetson (thinking that only the tools are needed), and when I try to make the restore the process shows the following error message on the step of Writing partition:

Nothing to write

Additionally, it shows that cannot found the “Applet” extension, I think that it’s because of incomplete installation process, so I want to know if is possible to only install the tools to restore and backup, and if is necessary Ubuntu 14.04 to do that.

The new Jetson TX1 is completely empty (factory configuration).

Thanks a lot for your answers!

What version of L4T is the image from? What is the exact byte size of the image file (a raw image has more options than a sparse image, and size can help verify which one it is)?

The minimum for a fresh flash is a combination of the driver package and sample rootfs. When you reuse an image, then you do not need sample rootfs anymore, and then you need only the driver package (you may need the version associated with the image’s original install, but perhaps not, it depends on what may have changed).

FYI, a new Jetson is a nearly-fully-functional Ubuntu Linux install. Graphical mode won’t work without completing the NVIDIA-INSTALLER step since this adds the graphics driver, but this is a simple step.