Install amd64 package lantern

I want to install lantern. but the lantern is amd64. how to install it from source code?I don’t know the setups. I’m a beginner. thank you! I’m using jetson nx

I have no knowledge of lantern, but in general, I’ll suggest compiling this on your Linux desktop PC for practice (but don’t install from the compiled source). Basically, there will be source code available somewhere. This will provide documentation on how to compile (depending on the build system the instructions will differ, and so you must look at the specific software’s instructions). Typically this involves something like creating an empty “cmake” directory, and then issuing a command to compile. Install would be a separate step, and you would skip this. Find the source, unpack it, and check for the document which comes with it for build.

Once you know how to compile on the PC (and help is available for compile problems if you post here) you would then do the same thing on the Jetson, and then complete the install step as well. You’d need to be careful on the Jetson that you don’t run out of disk space if the build takes too much space. If you have questions about the build on the PC, then we can answer those as they occur.

FYI, if you build software, then you might have to install some optional packages depending on build system and actual software, e.g., you might need to “sudo apt-get install cmake” if cmake is used. If an ordinary Makefile is used, then something like cmake won’t be required. Also, if the source code depends on various libraries, then you might have compile start, and then fail when it gets to a step needing the libraries…but we can provide information on this if you run into it and post the log.

Lastly, there is no guarantee that lantern does not use assembler which is native to amd64, and for such cases there is no simple solution on arm64, but such cases are somewhat rare.