Install and set up the Adafruit CircuitPython MotorKit library on the Jetson Nano


Here is a bit of background: I am currently in the process of building an autonomous omnidirectional toy car, that with the use of a camera, will perform object recognition on a thrown ball and will then move to catch the ball. At the moment I have been creating a custom model that i plan to use through the jetson-inference docker container for object recognition.
I know have to code a PID control and have purchased the Adafruit Stepper + DC Motor FeatherWing so that i can run the four DC motors as shown within the jetbot video series. I can see the Adafruits repository for controlling their devices but Im not sure on how to install and set up the Adafruit CircuitPython MotorKit library on the Jetson Nano.

Is there a docker that i can use with all the necessary libraries and images i need to run this on the jetson nano 4 GB developer kit?

I plan on using the coordinates of the bounding box that i get from DetectNet to then use a PID control to get the bounding box to the desire location on the frame so that it can catch the ball, how would i be able to get the containers to talk to each other? would i be able to create a python script outside of the containers and get and send information between them?

thank you so much for the help


Have you checked this with the Adafruit team to see if they support Jetson?
You should get better support from the library owner.


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