Install bazel on tx2


I have some problem to install bazel on tx2. I follow the instruction on the link Everything is fine without error.

However, when I run the tutorial on

such as
~/Desktop/isaac_sdk-2019.1-17919$ bazel build //apps/samples/stereo_dummy

I got error like
home/mypc/bin/bazel: line 89: /home/mypc/.bazel/bin/bazel-real: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
/home/mypc/bin/bazel: line 89: /home/mypc/.bazel/bin/bazel-real: Success

I am new to install bazel and is there anything I am missing? Thank you very much!


when using ISAAC SDK there is a script that installs Basel among other things. However, I did not use ISAAC but for nano and Xavier.
You may try:

bob@desktop:~/isaac$ engine/build/scripts/

How did you solve this issue? I am at the same point now.

Unlucky. This is the msg from Nvidia moderator

I found the same issue while configuring a new system, but figured it out that the confusion is where you do the compilation of the sample, and then how do you deploy it

1- Bazel needs to be installed on the PC that you are using as host for isaac, and that’s where you build the sample with:

user@desktop:~/isaac$ bazel build /apps/samples/stereo_dummy

(user@desktop:~/isaac$ bazel build … <- this will compile all the samples, although it will take a while)

2- Deploy the application to the system where you want to run it. In my case is a Jetson-Nano:
user@desktop:~/isaac$ ./engine/build/ --remote_user <username_on_robot> -p //apps/samples/stereo_dummy:stereo_dummy-pkg -d jetpack43 -h <robot_ip>

3- Log on and execute from your device (Jetson-Nano in my case)

user@jetson:~/$ cd deploy/user/stereo_dummy-pkg

user@jetson:~/deploy/user/stereo_dummy-pkg$ ./apps/samples/stereo_dummy/stereo_dummy

Note that for #2, you will need to create your ssh identity (only once) to the device if you are connecting via ssh:
user@desktop:~/isaac$ ssh-copy-id <username_on_robot>@<robot_ip>

You can review the details or get more information from:

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