Install Create without Launcher

I am about to install Create on a server for remote access via streaming client. There is no remote desktop connection to the server, only command line.

How can I install Create without having the launcher GUI available?


Hi Bruno.Vetter,
Thank you for your inquiry. There is actually a great help page on exactly this. Installing and Uninstalling via command lines. User Guide — Omniverse Launcher documentation

For example, on Windows, to install Create, use the following command:
“start omniverse-launcher://install?path=D:/packages/”

Can I ask, how it is, that you have remote command line access to a server, but not through any kind of gui, like remote desktop etc ? Is that not possible ?

Thanks Richard,

the reason is we need to set up an OVX with an Omniverse installation. Preferrably the setup should be scripted. That‘s why we want a cli driven approach.

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