install CUDA 3.0 driver on fedora 12


I recently upgraded from fedora 11 to fedora 12 and tried to install the cuda 3.0 driver and the beta 3.0 driver, both caused kernel crash. I have tried to disable the nouveau driver and kernel mode setting. I was able to install the beta 3.0 driver on fedora 11. Do you have any idea? Thanks.


I was able to install the cuda driver today.


  1. add blacklist=nouveau to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

  2. use option -k $(uname -r) when you install the driver using the driver installer package.

  3. no need to add nouveau.modesetting=0 to the kernel option.

The detail is at

I left nopat kernel option on since fedora 11, but it maybe not necessary.


I think that’s just


blacklist nouveau[/b]

without the equals sign