Install CUDA 8 on Ubuntu Bash Windows 10


I’m a newbie on CUDA.

Would anyone kindly share what command line to type in downloading and installing cuda 8 in Ubuntu Bash Windows 10.I have a 64-bit system, Ubuntu 14.04 trusty. I’m both newbie in cuda and Linux.



I did a pre-installation procedure based on the guideline to install cuda.
And I’m getting this error - "couldn’t find any package by regex “linux-headers-3.4.0”
My system kernel is 3.4.0 when I ran $sudo uname -r.

I am getting the same exact problem. I am also trying to install cuda in Ubuntu Bash Windows 10. Can anyone help? Can I ignore the header issue and have success in installing the cuda?

For those that are curious WTF these people are talking about:

Guys, if you have Windows 10, install the Windows 10 CUDA binaries and program in Visual Studio.

The framework does NOT have this support. Feel free to upvote it in the link below to see if it actually gets implemented, but don’t hold your breath. ;)

I installed succesful, Check here: :P
Will write a tutorial for every one soon ^^

What you’ve demonstrated is that you can load the CUDA toolkit. You won’t be able to access the GPU from the windows bash system, and this is evidenced by the fact that your nvidia-smi command returns an error.

Is it be at least possible to cross compile for TX2 using Ubuntu WSL on windows 10?

Is there a solution yet how to access GPU from WSL?

For some CNN application I need NCCL. NCCL is only avaiable for linux. I have windows and don’t want to change to linux. Deadlock.