Install CUDA 9 on arm64

I cannot install CUDA 9 on my Jetson TX1 (arm64). The repositories provided by NVIDIA are for amd64. I tried adding amd64 as a foreign architecture and did but the problem is that I cannot run the command: sudo apt-get update without errors. I get the following for e.g. :
Err: 7 xenial-updates/restricted amd64 packages. On the architectures supported are: arm64 armhf … but not amd64. How can I install CUDA 9 on arm64 if the only architecture provided for Ubuntu 16.04 is amd64 ? Thank you !

You should install CUDA on Jetson TX1 using a Jetpack.

Jetpack 3.2 contains CUDA 9:

I flashed my Jetson TX1 more than four times with Jetson 3.2. Whenever I ran the command nvcc-v I get command not found. Also, the cuda directory is nowhere to be found.

The install instructions are here:

did you follow those?

For example, at step 14, did you see a dialog which said:

“Push and Install 64Bit CUDA on target”


Did you see the “installation has completed successfully” dialog at step 15?

I see that you’ve already posted this question on the TX1 forum. It may be useful to wait for help there.

You may wish to respond to the action that was given you there.

I followed these instructions. At step 14 I got “Push and Install 64bit CUDA on target”. Once Jetpack got installed on my Jetson TX1 I looked for cuda using nvcc and by looking for its directory but I did not find it. I am trying to work with the ZED SDK and when I am installing it, I get that there is no CUDA detected. I have been having this issue for a week now that is why I am posting and reposting.

Did you provide the log as requested here: