Install CUDA Ubuntu 14.04 - GTX760M

Dear all,

I have a brand new P34G laptop from Gigabyte, fitted with an intel graphics card and a GTX 760M (with optimus). I am running Ubuntu 14.04 and am willing to setup a dev platform for CUDA - my most important constraint is that I want to debug under NSight.

I have installed the nvidia graphics driver from the official repo (331) and the cuda toolkit 6.0RC.
Now using nvidia-prime I can select the graphic card to use. When I select the intel card in prime the program complains there is no cuda compatible card and when I select the nvidia card in prime the program complains that the card is already used for display. Is there a way I can use the intel card for display and simultaneously the nvidia card for cuda so I can debug my cuda programs?

Is this possible? I have heard about using bumblebee in replacement of the nvidia driver, is this a good idea?

Any idea? Thanks!



The nvidia profiler can not fucntion if the xserver is running on it. With bumblebee it appears to work for my laptop. I am not sure about Nsight, but debugging and profiling only work when xserver is running on another card. With prime, if I am correct it activates the card and runs the xserver on it. Bumblebee does not run the xserver only activates the card and runs the program. for prime I suggest to deactivate the prime and than try to run your nsight with “primerun nsight”. this way the xserver runs on the intel gpu, but nsight would run on the nvidia card.

Late edit: I can confirm on my P35 laptop that cuda 5.5 (from the software center) + bumblebee (from Bumblebee - Ubuntu Wiki) WORK.