Install Deepstream SDK 4.0 on ubuntu 18.04 for RTX2070

Has anyone successfully installed and used Deepstream 4.0 for RTX cards? If so I’d like to ask for some guidance on how i can go about this.

We test and maintain DeepStream for Tesla platforms, someone in forum can run successful deepstream on geforce card like GTX 2060, RTX 2060/2070, so you can download the Deepstream 4.0 package and follow README within the package.

Hi Amycao,

Thanks for the response. I have been looking for the Deepstream 4.0 package to download for RTX cards and couldn’t find it in any of the NVIDIA websites. Would you be able to specify which package I need to download that would work on RTX?

As I said, We test and maintain DeepStream for Tesla platforms, you can download package from “DeepStream 4.0 for T4 and V100”

Thank you so much for the help! Now got it working on RTX2070.

@ralvarezl8d7l I’m considering installing deepstream on my RTX2070. Did you have to do anything special to get it working?

@rtaylor.rt @ralvarezl8d7l I am trying to get DS5.1 working on my RTX 2070 gpu. It’s not working properly. Any help is appreciated.