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Asked by simplychenabla this as new thread. For two days installation of Machinima 2022.3.0 (beta) does not work. Nucleus installed as localhost and login works, So what can I do to solve this. Are Posetracker and Auudio2Face as standalone available?

@achim-schnick thanks. and attached is your log from the other thread. this is for the benefit of the devs later on.

launcher.rar (55.5 KB)

do you see this file on your local drive C:\Users\achim\.nvidia-omniverse\config\auth.toml? the primary problem appears to revolve around not having access to that file.

have you restarted OV (exist OV from system tray and run the Launcher as administrator)? are you having issue with any other OV apps?

1.) Yes, auth.toml is there
2.) Yes, started as User and Admin. Makes no Difference. This Software still is not availabe and waitinfg to be installed. In Nucleus, Lots of files are availabe from the Kit, I can get access by Login. Just the Software ist NOT to be started anywhere.
3.) I don’t have other Onmiverse Application on my PC. So there is no Issue with others.

if you don’t have other apps, can you try running the Cleanup Tool and try to reinstall Machinima? the cleanup tool should help reinitialize the Launcher in case it’s related.

Wow, works now. I was suprised, how much GB were deleted from the Use last year. Must manage the Content better. I dont like having my main Drive full of things I vever find again. Thats why I uninstaloled Omniverse last year. Used too much Space. But now I have a better Overlook. Anyway. It works again. Many many thanks for your Assistance, even over Night and on the Weekend!! Thanks a Lot again. I tell your Boss ;-)

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