Install error on windows

I got an install error, here is the log of the error.
Could anyone tell me what is gong wrong? Thanks.

@danuannanzzj is it possible for you to upload the OV Launcher log in its entirety so others can get more context? you can find the .log location here:


Thanks for your reply.
I attached the log file.
I tried download it for several times, so you may find several error messages, but the error was the same.
launcher.log (1.4 MB)

can you check to see if the auth.toml can be found in the path specified? C:\Users\huihu\.nvidia-omniverse\config\auth.toml

in addition, i am not 100% sure if the symbols in your initial log screenshot is the cause of this. if so, is it safe for me to assume you are using Chinese on your system? if not, i would also consider temporarily disable your antivirus/firewall/windows defender during download/install to see if it helps.

Thanks for your kindness.

Yeah, I have the auth.toml file and, I am using chinese system.

Actually I just figured out the problem, I used cleanup tool to uninstalled the ominverse, and reinstall it in the place where I want to install issac. Then it worked.

Still do not know the reason though…

Anyway, thank you very much.

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