Install JetPack5.1 for Orin NX

I want to install JetPack5.1 for Orin NX. However, SDK manager could not select JetPack5.1 for Orin NX. What could I do?
I check the Compatibility table JetPack5.1 for Orin NX is OK.

Is there any reason you have to use jp5.1?
JP5.1 is kind of only “partial” support for Orin NX.

My board is OEM Board, The only OS image for this board is Jetpack5.1. So I have to install other dependency base on Jetpack5.1. (I want to install Deepstream for this board)


You can select Orin AGX as platform and download the BSP first. Afterwards, use manual flash from that BSP.

Basically, if this is OEM board, I always suggest you to check with OEM vendor about any customization first.
SDKM and NVIDIA software by default only supports NVIDIA devkit.

Thank for your quick reply. Is there any doc for manual flash?

please refer to quick start guide document here.

You may need to change the board name because Orin NX does not have “jetson-orin-nano-devkit” board config there.

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