Install Jetson Xavier NX on AWS Cloud Ubuntu OS

Hello Everyone,

I need to setup Jetson Xavier NX driver kit on AWS Cloud. I have manage to setup the machine with proper image and instance with 125 GB SD card. But now I don’t have any idea about setting up on AWS Cloud.

It would be great if anyone can share the steps if you have performed before or can suggest me some best link which is related with AWS Cloud.

Thank You

You might want to ask this in the Jetson forum:
This forum is mostly about the x86 graphics driver.

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AWS has its own customized Xavier board.
Please check this page: AWS Panorama Appliance Developer Kit specifications - AWS Panorama



Thank You for the quick reply.

Let me tell you what I did till now.

  1. I have setup one machine in AWS Cloud where I am using AMI: “nv-ubuntu-18-lts-vGaming” and instance type which I am using is “g4dn.xlarge” which is having 125 GB SSD Card

  2. I have copied image to micro sd card by using command line given in below documentation.

  1. Setup “sdkmanager” in ubuntu system

  2. Now I am running below command to setup.

sdkmanager --cli install --logintype devzone --product Jetson --host --targetos Linux --version 4.5.1 --select ‘Jetson OS’ --select ‘Jetson SDK Components’

But here I am getting error when I reached to username and password screen.

Message is “Auto connect to the device with last selection when timer stops” and it stops proceeding. May be it is unable to connect device.

Here I need suggestion. May be I am doing something wrong as this is first time for me and I am doing setup directly on aws cloud. It will be great help if I get some solutions here.

Do let me know if specific log is required.

Thank You

Hi Team,

In Step 1 after opening sdkmanager, error in Target Hardware: No Board Connected. As I am using AWS Cloud, not sure what needs to do here.

Even though I have started the installation and got below error.


Could not detect NVIDIA Jetson device connected to USB. Verify that:

  1. The device is connected to this host machine with a USB cable.
  2. Jetson’s Ubuntu OS is up and running.
  3. Ubuntu ‘System configuration wizard’ is completed on the device.
    This can be validated by running the ‘lsusb’ command on your host, and look for “0955:7019” (NVIDIA Corp).

Or use the ‘Manual Setup’ instead.


Sorry that could you share more information about your use case?
Do you want to use AWS as a host and flash a device that connects to your local platform?

If yes, you will need to map the USB port between AWS instance and your local host.


they seem trying to emulate jetson OS using arm64 capacities of AWS rather than using AWS x86_64 for flashing local jetson.
However, thank you for sharing the USB mapping approach!