Install Kernel-Devel

Hello ,
i try to install driver of Magewell and i get this message :


  Magewell ProCapture Linux Driver Installer


Checking for required tools … Done.
Checking for required packages …

Your system is missing kernel development packages which
is required to build and load the ProCapture Linux driver.

Required packages: kernel-devel

Please make sure that the correct versions of these packages are
installed. Versions required: 4.9.140+

Please check mwcap_install.log for more details.
If you are experiencing difficulty with this installation
please contact"

how to install this package on Xavier?

Hi electr6,

We haven’t tested it yet, but you can try building external kernel modules on Xavier platform (AARCH64) directly.
If you want to cross-compile on another system, you need download L4T source and set up the cross-compile toolchain, the detail steps you can refer L4T documentation.
Kernel Customization -> Building External Kernel Modules


You might find this for R32.1 and working with out of tree builds directly on Xavier: