Install L4T on SATA

After reading some of the posts I am unclear if it is possible to install L4T on an internal hard drive (one that uses SATA)? If so how would I do that, say using the uboot boot loader?

Also how do the access speeds compare…emmc, sata, and usb 3.0? Is it even worth installing on SATA or just using SATA as a extra drive?

The “rootdev” in the command line is mmcblk0p1 for internal eMMC, mmcblk1p1 for SD card, and sda1 for SATA connector. option “-L bootloader/u-boot.bin” should name u-boot boot loader.

I’ve only been using eMMC, which seems good. Personally I’d just use SATA for an extra drive. Also, I have no USB 3 devices to test.