Install library for Jetson Nano devkit A01 out of memory

Hi all, I am using Jetson Nano devkit A01 with 16gb EMMC memory. When I setup the device, it ran out of memory after I installed CUDA, CUDNN so I can’t Install Tensorrt or do next step - deploy my own model. Any one face with and have solution for this problem, please help me, give me idea to solve this.

Supposed only SD card version for A01 module, you can try to use a larger SD card to external the storage size.

Can you clarify that? I mounted an 32GB USB to Jetson but library like CUDA and CUDNN default located in /usr, /bin… So should I mount USB to /usr or ? thanks @kayccc

Please refer to this post:
DS app running on SD, not running on eMMC - Part II - #5 by DaneLLL

16GB is not enough for all SDK components, so you would need to only install required software packages.

yep @DaneLLL , but still not enough memory. At least, I need cuda, cudnn, tensorrt to run my model on Jetson

For this use-case, we would suggest get Jetson Nano with SD card slot and use >= 32GB SD card.

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