Install on OpenSuse 11.1 (if installer "hangs") How to fix the hanging installer for OpenC


Just in case this helps anyone - the installer for OpenCL seems to have the same issue that the old CUDA installer has, in that the Perl script output is buffered, so the install appears to hang.

The workaround is to unpack the installer, modify the script, and then run it: --noexec --target opencl-2.3b
cd opencl-2.3b

sed -i ‘/#!/ a
select((select(STDOUT), $|=1)[0]);’


(or just add “select((select(STDOUT), $|=1)[0]);” near the top of the script).

For more details see

Cheers + thanks to NVidia for releasing this,

I had the same problem on an OpenSUSE 11.0 system. I think all I had to do though was once the installer hung, push “Enter” and it kept going. You may be speaking of another issue, but this is also something to try.