Install Optix on linux

Hello How to install optix on lnux mint?

Hi! If this may help, I wrote down my instructions for Installing OptiX on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS here, bottom you will find the Ingo Wald’s blog that helped me a lot.

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hello thank you for your return. I downloaded the optix file but I don’t know where to install it.

Hi @nibutic, on Linux you can install OptiX anywhere you want. (The “install” is just unzipping a zipped archive, there are no system files to install.) Having a sub-folder in your home directory for SDKs, or for code development, would be a common choice. The only thing that matters is that when you write OptiX applications, you’ll have to point your build process to the location where you put your OptiX header files.


Hello Thank you for your reply Nibutic