Install packages on target as SDKManager labelled OFFLINE

Since SDKManager offers OFFLINE installation, why we need internet access on target? That’s not OFFLINE really.

Since internet access is not steady in China. Online install take me a whole day: I’ve to enable/disable network adapter on target, or even reboot target many many times to retry.

And please do not login automatically, maybe users want to try other options before logining, such as offline installation.

A real OFFLINE installation is not so hard to implement.

Hi Keelung,

The target install need internet access anyway. Because we need install additional packages on it.
For the network performance issue in China, do you mean “apt update” and installation of other packages from Ubuntu repository takes long time?
If true, you might consider to switch to repository mirrors located in China. The mirror list is available at

You could update the mirror by replacing urls in /etc/apt/sources.list file.

If you have performance issue with downloading from, you could disable the repository by commenting the lines in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nvidia-l4t-apt-source.list .

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Hi EdwardZhou,
I mean download target’s packages in host and then use them as source to avoid access internet in target. Seems to this: Tell sdkmanager to install jetpack offline but packages were download online

Yes. broken sometime in China, but disabling it is safe for installing packages on target? Is there a mirror site in China for


Hi Keelung,

I don’t have a environment to repro the issue. However, as the packages are nvidia specific and should come from So if you disable and install JetPack packages it should solve the network performance issue.
You could enable it after installing JetPack.
I’ll forward the performance issue with to relevant team to see how to improve.