install problem on suse x86-64 operation system

i have installed the pgi6.2.5 on susex86-64 operation system … while

now i need to run 32bit fortran program on my system ,but only x86-64

release of pgi fortran has been installed as default(that is

only /opt/pgi/linux86-64 in my computer)…my question is how can i do to

run my program …is to change the shell script in the Install file

which deletes the x86 file folder and switch the system environment

to /opt/pgi/x86 available ???

Hi shangshangxiaxia,

When the PGI compilers are first installed, the installer script checks for the existance of the 32-bit system libraries as well as the 32-bit GCC runtime libraries. If they exist on your system, then the 32-bit PGI compilers will be installed in /opt/pgi/linux86. If you do not have these supporting 32-bit libraries, you will need to install them, and then re-install the PGI compilers.

To use the 32-bit compilers, either set your PATH environment to point to /opt/pgi/linux86/6.2-5/bin or use the “-tp” flag to have the compilers target a 32-bit architecture. For AMD64 use “-tp k8-32”, for EM64T use “-tp p7”, and for Core2 use “-tp core2”.

  • Mat