Install Sequence Windows

Hi All,

Struggling to get my Tesla’s running on Windows Server 2008 R2

Downloaded the latest Tesla Driver for Server 2008 (although R2 NOT specified)

I’m running a Tyan S7025 with onboard non-nvidia vga (bios disabled)

GPU is a Gforce 8400GS

Controllers are 2 x HIC 16x

So I booted into windows, uninstalled and deleted all drivers for cards/ controllers

I turned off automatic updates

I unlugged network

I specified “load drivers manually”, no auto detect or install

This keeps windows from trying guess which driver to up on the S1070, it try’s to pick C1060 in auto mode

Clicking on the driver download.exe, yields a window that specifies install directory, after clicking yes, everything disappears, and there is not notification that something is installing

BUT in task manager, you will find that the “setup” is actually running and installing drivers, one will pop up, then disappear, then another driver, and so forth, this seem to take a very long time until “windows idle” comes up and all active processes drop off.

QUESTION At this point, in device manager, 8 HIC cards show up as “Tesla C1060s” and one “Standard VGA Graphics Adapter”

No more processes are running, no prompts to reboot…whats next? Reboot? Install pdsetup.exe in the NVIDIA install folder? Install nvidia control panel.exe in stall folder?

Why isn’t this process automated!!!

Dieing here.