Install Tegra Multimedia API 32.2.0 in L4T 32.5.0

Hey everyone,

I’ve installed Jetson OS L4T 32.5.0, i’am wondering if it’s possible to install the version of the tegra multimedia API 32.2.0 in this version of Jetson Linux OS ?
For example :

sudo apt install nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api <version>

Can you please tell me if that is possible and compatible ? If yes what’s the reference of tegra mmapi of the 32.2.0 ?


On r32.5.0, please install jetson_multimedi_api samples through SDKManager. It is in SDK components.

Hi @DaneLLL,

Thanks you for your answer, but what i want is to use tegra mmapi 32.2.0 in L4T 32.5.0, if i use sdkmanager the tegra 32.5.0 will be installed.

We have seen issues when version of system and jetson_multimedia_api mismatches. Would suggest you use the identical version.

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