Install ubuntu14.04 on TX2?

Hi folks,

I am recently working on using TX2 with other embedded system installed ubuntu 14.04. I want to embed the TX2 onto the device. I was wondering is it possible to install ubuntu 14.04 on the TX2? Hope to hear you soon!

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L4T recent releases (and perhaps all TX2 releases?) are Ubuntu 16.04 plus needed hardware drivers. Do you have a specific 14.04 requirement and 16.04 won’t work? You won’t find any TX2 Ubuntu 14.04 official support that I know of.

The driver on my device has some package dependence only accessible on 14.04. Is there any hack that I can surround this, like a docker etc?

Possibly, but it seems docker is a bit if a pain on ARMv8. Unless the driver is in binary format I’d suggest porting the driver.